Haverstraw Knights of Columbus Raise $5,000 to Help Five-Year-Old Tomkins Cove Girl in Battle Against Cancer


More than 260 people attended a fundraiser on Saturday at the K.C. 581 Units Hall in Haverstraw to help the family of six-year-old Gabrielle DiCarlo.

Gabrielle is reported to be in good spirits and getting stronger. Gene Barnum and Angie Amengual were co-chairman of the KC event that featured a show, “My Godfather’s Meshugganah Wedding,” and dinner by Jimmy’s on Main Street, located in Nanuet.

Expenses have mounted for the DiCarlo family as the six-year-old continues chemotherapy to battle a rare form of cancer, Neuroblastoma. A team of 20 doctors and nurses at New York Presbyterian Hospital had removed a ten inch tumor from the girl in February, saving her life. Gabrielle was reported to be near death when the operation took place, in which all organs were removed and the tumor taken out of her heart and liver.

The Knights of Columbus are one of several North Rockland organizations helping out with fundraisers. Bill Cahill of the Knights of Columbus says they are planning a ‘50s Night in October at the K.C. Hall. at 56 West Broad Street.

Bill Cahill contributed to this article

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