North Rockland School District Hires, Deals with New Policies and a Grant at Meeting


The board of the North Rockland Central School District met Tuesday, July 17 to discuss hiring a new assistant principal, a new mandatory concussion policy for athletes and a grant application for safer walking paths to school.

After roll call and the minutes in the last meeting were approved, the meeting began with introducing David Johnson, a new assistant principal at North Rockland High School at a salary of $106,750.

Johnson received his master’s at New York University and his bachelor’s at Temple University. He has nine years of experience teaching and as the dean at Mount Vernon School District. He has also taught social studies to grades 7-12.

The vote was unanimous approval and Johnson stood up to applause. “We make dreams happen!” said Johnson, enthusiastically thanking the board for their decision. “I’m so appreciative for this opportunity.”

He is replacing Ralph Andreano, who retired at the end of the last school year.

The board handed out a copy of the new concussion management policy and regulations, which is now required by New York State.

Instead of having a protocol in place where safeguards are exercised to prevent and deal with concussions and brains injury, now there must be a specific policy in place. Any athlete that wishes to be on a school team must have forms filled out by a parent that outlines with details any possible past head injuries.

There are new protocols the school must go through as well if a student receives a concussion. Students will not be allowed to play sports, do homework, sit in a classroom, sit under florescent lighting, text, play video games, watch television, etc. if they suffer a concussion.

The policy and regulations were approved and the board waved the need for a second reading and moved to approve it at that meeting. New forms will be sent out to those who are trying out for a team in August so the concussion section can be filled out and signed by a parent.

The final issue that evening was a request from the Town of Stony Point to support an application to the Safe Routes to School grant to get Jay Street fixed. Leonard Bernstein, coordinator of School Transportation and Emergency Management, was there on behalf of Stony Point asking the board to support the process and write a letter of recommendation.

“The application will be stronger with a letter of approval from the board,” said Deborah Gatti, the board’s president.

The grant’s focus is to encourage walking to school to help fight obesity. If Stony Point receives this grant, Jay Street, where many children and adults walk, will be updated with pedestrian and bike crosswalks, new lighting, pavement, markings, signs and sidewalk improvements.

The board agreed unanimously to support the grant application.


New Administrator Contracts at North Rockland Cut Costs

The NRCSD administrator contracts were renewed in June and Superintendent Ileana Eckert could not be happier with the outcome. The finalization process is still going on, but within a few weeks they will be available for the public.

The board managed to cut costs by having a zero percent increase in pay for two years and creating a new salary scale. “We came in under where we thought we would,” said Eckert. “And we feel it’s a real win-win.”

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