Ramapo Town Board Celebrates 25 Years of Recycling

Board also discusses insurance reimbursement recovery, police disciplinary action and Samuel Road closure


The Ramapo Town Board met on August 8, 2012 to discuss several matters of business, all of which were carried unanimously through the Board.

The meeting began with a short honorary celebration for the Honorable David J. Stein, who helped to begin recycling initiatives in the town while he served on the Ramapo Town Board, including the establishment of several recycling facilities in the Town of Ramapo. The Town of Ramapo Recycling Committee celebrated its 25th anniversary in March of this year.

In matters of business, the Town Board considered action in response to the situation between Chestnut Ridge and the Town of Clarkstown regarding the closure of Samuel Road in Nanuet.

On August 7, the Rockland County Legislature passed a resolution approving a lawsuit against the Town of Clarkstown in order to remove what they claim is an illegal and dangerous barrier. In response, Councilman Patrick Withers proposed and the board approved the drafting of a memorializing resolution which will encourage that proper procedures are taken by the County Highway Department to ameliorate the situation and ensure that Samuel Road is accessible to first-responders.

The current road block prevents all traffic-including police, firemen, and ambulance services-from passage and requires thru-traffic to take a longer alternate route between Nanuet and Chestnut Ridge. The Legislature has claimed that the block is illegal because Clarkstown did not obtain a permit to close the road from the county superintendent, while Clarkstown has responded that the road block is intended to prevent speeding and alleviate heavy traffic.

The board addressed another legal matter when it authorized the Town Attorney’s Office to pursue justice court action to recover insurance reimbursements for ambulance services. According to Chairman Christopher St. Lawrence, problems arose when insurance companies mistakenly sent reimbursement checks meant for ambulance services to patients, who were notified of the error but did not always return the funds and had to be brought to small claims court to recover the money. Thus far, the program has recovered over $500,000.

In addition, the Board went into executive session to discuss the hiring of a hearing officer for a police department disciplinary action. Outside of the session, the Board approved the hiring of the officer.

The next Ramapo Town Board meeting is scheduled for August 20, 2012. This meeting will be preceded by a Town Board workshop.

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