Four Cars Set on Fire in Nyack

Arson investigators and Orangetown police detectives are working in Nyack to uncover what happened Tuesday, August 21 where four cars were set on fire overnight within two blocks of each other. Police believe that thefts from 10 cars in the area are related to the fires and are asking residents to contact them if they see anything suspicious. They are also asking neighbors if they have surveillance cameras to check them for anything that might be helpful to the investigation.

The cars on fire were parked in driveways at 35 Summit St., 23 Summit St. and 16 Washington St. The fourth car was discovered after firefighters left the area by a resident of Summit Street who found that the inside of her car was damaged by fire. Each car incident has one key component in common – the car doors were left unlocked. Police are urging residents to lock their car doors, even when the car’s in the driveway. They said thieves are looking for easy targets and will take anything they can find, including small coins and electronics left in cars.

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