Can America’s Power Grid Support Millions of Electric Cars?

Can America’s Power Grid Support Millions of Electric Cars?

By Terry Jarrett There’s little doubt that a global technology revolution is under way. And the sweep of change over the past decade alone has been stunning. Electric cars and smart phones are proving that the world has gone high-tech. Many analysts now believe that a “deep electrification” of the U.S. economy is coming, too, […]

Labor Day Gas Blues

For Labor Day weekend, American consumers in 45 states will likely see the highest fuel prices they’ve ever seen at this time of year. Only motorists in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming will be spared from record-high prices at the pump. “The average motorist will be laboring a bit more to pay for […]

Four Cars Set on Fire in Nyack

Arson investigators and Orangetown police detectives are working in Nyack to uncover what happened Tuesday, August 21 where four cars were set on fire overnight within two blocks of each other. Police believe that thefts from 10 cars in the area are related to the fires and are asking residents to contact them if they […]

Day of Unrest — Clarkstown Citizens Wake Up to Vandalism Spree this Sunday

On Sunday, July 8, the Clarkstown Police department received more than 20 complaints of criminal mischief to parked vehicles.  Rocks were used to break vehicle windows in 15 separate incidents and in other incidents police said windows were broken in an as yet undetermined fashion. All incidents occurred sometime overnight July 7 and 8 (Saturday into Sunday) […]

Tappan Zee Bridge Will House Bus Lane

The new Tappan Zee Bridge will have an exclusive bus lane during rush hour. This is the first step towards bringing mass transit to the bridge, according to the New York State Thruway Authority spokesperson Andrew O’Rourke. The lanes will operate as bus lanes during the morning and evening rush hour periods. These lanes will […]