After Seeing “Obama 2016” Evan Wechman Proclaims “Real Jews won’t vote for Obama”


Unfortunately, I was not slightly shocked in 2008 when nearly 80 percent of my fellow Jewish citizens voted for Obama. After viewing the new movie Obama 2016, I am convinced that if a person considers him or herself Jewish but votes for Obama, then that person is not really Jewish. Possibly Jewish in birthright, but not Jewish in spirit.

As was evident in the movie and as far back as 2008, Obama has plenty of anti-American and pro-Palestinian allies, besides the infamous Reverend Jeremiah Wright. During his first term, the president showed his true colors when he disrespected and mistreated the Israeli Prime Minister by stating his approval of a plan to carve out segments of Israel’s rightful property.

Let’s consider, again, the words and demeanor of Obama’s mentor and spiritual advisor, Rev. Wright. It certainly begs the question, what kind of man would expose his children to such hatred?

Being a proud Jewish American who has always stood up for my fellow people, I am also equally as harsh on this liberal contingency which seems to reject the GOP’s persistent efforts to preserve Israel as a Jewish state.

Jews, who suffered one of the greatest genocides known to humanity not even a century ago, should be more vigilant against hatred, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism. Jewish Americans should do more to protect their culture, heritage, and their Jewish state.

Unfortunately, my group rarely stands up for themselves, nor votes in their best interests. Rather, they try to assuage their “Jewish guilt,” which is inherent in our culture, by convincing themselves that most people are well intentioned, and will do no harm to them.

This naievety does not serve America, nor Jews as a whole, and leads to a perpetual disrespect by others since we fail to stand up for ourselves. Such ignorance could one day bring catastrophic consequences for such a gullible population.

It is no secret that the Israeli people have no love for Obama because they understand his pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist views. It’s unfortunate that Jews in America lack such perception. I for one am growing tired of defending a small segment of the population that has no idea of the responsibilities their religion and culture demand.

If you’re going to vote for Obama, don’t preach to me about how “Jewish” you are, as you sit meaninglessly for hours in temple during the high holy days, while our spiritual leaders remain silent.

Evan Wechman is a New City resident a freelance journalist who sometimes submits work to the Rockland County Times 

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