Will this Man be Orangetown’s Financial SAVIOR??

Supervisor Stewart chooses a new finance director; and he’s a veteran in more ways than one

“Mr. Bencik, can you save us the dregs of tax hell?”

“I can’t make any promises Mr. Stewart, but I’ll sure as heck try.”

So might have gone the first interview between desperate-for-tax-relief Supervisor of Orangetown Andy Stewart and the brand new finance director he just hired, Jeff Bencik.

Bencik is a 42-year-old Haverstraw resident (Dutchtown to be exact), with a BS in engineering from West Point 1992, MBA in finance, experience in Army (Germany and Bosnia), on Wall St., in real estate investment and general contracting.

Stewart said, “Jeff is a smart, young professional whose proven experience in finance, engineering and real estate make him a very timely addition to Orangetown’s management team. The fact that he has climbed Mt. Rainier, is passionate about antique motorboats and speaks German fluently should make him interesting to work with.”

Besides overseeing town finances and budget, Bencik’s mission will be to work directly with department heads to provide research and analysis in supporting greater efficiency, productivity and measurable community benefits from all town operations.

In addition, Stewart said Bencik’s expertise in business development and real estate will make him a key player in the town’s economic development program, including the redevelopment of the former Rockland Psych lands and the attraction/retention of businesses to improve the town’s tax base.

Stewart said, “In these tough economic times we can afford to leave no stone unturned in our effort to save money and produce value for the community– Jeff brings both military discipline and entrepreneurial spirit to this challenge.”