Orangetown Votes to Exceed Tax Cap Hike of 2%

Council Reduces Proposed Increase from 9.2% to 6.2% BY ROBERT KNIGHT CITY EDITOR The Orangetown Town Board voted unanimously Tuesday to override the state-imposed limitation of a 2 percent increase in local real property taxes next year. By doing so, Orangetown joins three of its neighbors who have already passed similar resolutions: Clarkstown, Ramapo and […]

Will this Man be Orangetown’s Financial SAVIOR??

Will this Man be Orangetown’s Financial SAVIOR??

Supervisor Stewart chooses a new finance director; and he’s a veteran in more ways than one “Mr. Bencik, can you save us the dregs of tax hell?” “I can’t make any promises Mr. Stewart, but I’ll sure as heck try.” So might have gone the first interview between desperate-for-tax-relief Supervisor of Orangetown Andy Stewart and […]

Orangeburg Commons Hearing Slated for Jan. 24

Council Delays New Sewer Hire, Setting Meeting Dates BY ROBERT KNIGHT CITY EDITOR ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES Confusion appeared to be the over-arching theme of Tuesday night’s meeting of the Orangetown Town Board, as the council tried vainly but fruitlessly to clear its calendar at the last scheduled gathering of the year. A new council with three […]