Dear Editor,

With the passing of Josephine E. Carella, the Haverstraw community has lost a very special person, that touched the lives of many people throughout the years of her public service as Haverstraw Town Clerk. I first met Josephine in early 1995. She was a woman of strength, conviction and courage that inspired many other woman to get involved in their community and become leaders just like she did.

Josephine E. Carella, as I remember her, was a woman that had style, class and in her own right a political figure and force to be reckon with that always held her own for so many years. There were many times I recall that she wouldn’t hesitate to speak her mind, political or not.  And make no mistake about it, Josephine was not your usual elected official that needed to be outspoken publicly. She was the type of person that would approach you directly and say what she needed to say and move on.

Not long ago, one of my very last phone conversation with Josephine was when she told me that she will not seek re-election for Haverstraw Town Clerk and she hopes that her successor will be her assistant Rachel Ventura whom she had been training all these years.

Josephine, thank you for being my friend, thank you for inspiring other woman to get involved and be leaders in their community, thank you for all the support you have given me for years, thank you for the lectures and speaking your mind to me, thank you for all the years of services you have given to the Town of Haverstraw. Josephine I will miss you and I have always admired and respected you more and more as the years went by.

In a very special way you have graced my life, and so many others’ lives. I say farewell to a friend who has passed away and a truly special person.

Your Friend,

Ricky Sanchez


(Sanchez is a former Village of Haverstraw trustee)


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