Political wizard--- Former Assemblyman Ryan Karben has had trouble staying out of trouble, but he is respected by many in the political arena for his skills and knowledge

Former Assemblyman Ryan Karben continues to stay in the political mix in Rockland County, even after leaving any official capacity in the public sector.

Karben has been used recently as a consultant for some Democratic  campaigns, as he’s considered by many to be a whiz in the arena of politics and public relations. He is, after all, the same man who was appointed to the Ramapo Planning Board at age 18 and elected to the Rockland Legislature at age 23 and the New York Assembly at age 28.

Karben is a good friend of newly announced county executive candidate Dagan LaCorte.

When asked what his role in LaCorte’s campaign would be, Karben said, “I’ll help any way I can. I am honored to support him, he has a very impressive record as Mayor of Suffern. I think he has the right stuff to fix what’s broken in county government.”

Karben added, “He’s a serious guy.”

The Rockland County Times emailed and called LaCorte to ask if Karben would have any official role in his campaign, but did not hear back in time for the paper’s deadline.

Karben has not been quiet since leaving the Assembly in 2006, following accusations of inappropriate conduct with teenage interns under his charge.

In 2008 he was found guilty of DWI. In 2010, he was suddenly relieved of his duties as Spring Valley village attorney, and received a police escort out of village hall.

Later in 2010, Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence offered Karben the position of director of finance in his town, but Karben turned it down after initially accepting. In 2011, Karben hosted a fundraiser for Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli campaign at his house. The two had served in the Assembly together.

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