Press Release from Eliot Engel’s Office

Congressman Eliot Engel announced last week, that $20 million in federal funds were awarded to New York State for emergency repairs of roads damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Rep. Engel said, “Sandy caused heavy damage in lower New York State and these funds, from the Federal Highway Administration, are for repairing roads in designated counties, including Rockland, Westchester, and the Bronx.

“When natural disasters such as Sandy hit wide areas, it is up to the federal government to assist individual states in making the necessary repairs and rebuilding. This FHA money will help to restore traffic services and make emergency roadway repairs including removal of debris, repairing sign and signal damages and road washouts on federal-aid highways.”

These funds are awarded to a State after the President or the Governor issues a formal emergency declaration and the State files a request for the cost of damages to its eligible highways.

Rep. Engel added, “This is a small amount needed to fix the extraordinary damage inflicted, but it is a necessary first step. I will continue to fight in Congress to secure the necessary funds for our district, and the other regions, affected by the disaster.”



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