Santa Claus Spreads Holiday Cheer at Stony Point Breakfast


Excited children are seated with and around ‘Santa Claus’ in anticipation of receiving their gifts at the Second Annual Stony Point Buffet Breakfast.

The ballroom at the Patriot Hills Clubhouse was filled with many excited children and their families anticipating the arrival of ‘Santa Claus’ last week.

Stony Point Recreation Supervisor Karen Ann Nigro told the Rockland County Times, “This is our second year hosting the buffet breakfast with ‘Santa Claus’ to brighten the kids’ holidays. The Recreation Department and the Parks Department worked together to make this community event a success. Michael Zacchio volunteered as D.J. and Incredible Caterers gave us a great food deal. Frank Monahan, who volunteered as Santa Claus, gave out presents and took pictures with all of the children. Gift cards were donated by Walgreens, Target, Immaculate CYO and the Stony Point Little League.”

Frank Monahan, who volunteered as Santa Claus, presented age-appropriate sporting goods and dolls to the kids. Monahan is retired and has served as ‘Santa Claus’ at the Stony Point Fire Station for the last four years. He said, “Look at the kids’ faces, that is everything. When they sit on my lap and see the red suit and white beard, their eyes are wide open.”

Volunteers who portray Santa Claus agree that seeing children with smiles on their faces fills them with joy. Santa represents the giving spirit of the season, plus the snow-white beard, red suit, bowl full of jelly and ‘ho-ho-ho’ really delights the youngsters. The red suit is a bright and cheerful color that makes Santa stand out.

Stony Point Supervisor Geoff Finn said, “Everyone in Stony Point knows and cares about each other. I look out and see generations of kids, parents and grandparents.”

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