Tea Party Republican Tim Scott is first black senator from Dixie since Reconstruction-era; historic story muted by agenda-driven media

This week saw the appointment of Congressman Tim Scott to the vacant U.S. Senate position in South Carolina, left by the departure of conservative Republican Jim DeMint, who took a job leading the Heritage Foundation think tank.

Scott’s voting record is that of a steady conservative and his personal story of raising himself out of poverty and hardship to live a successful life is an inspiring one. Also, notably, Scott is black, and his appointment makes him the only currently serving black U.S. senator and the first black U.S. senator from Dixie since 1881 when the former slave turned wealthy Republican businessman and public official Blanche Bruce of Mississippi served a term.

If Scott were a Democrat we could expect a coronation for him from the major media networks and newspapers, instead it is unlikely that many of you reading this have ever even heard of the man due to non-reportage by those networks and newspapers.

The Democratic Party has put forth the first black president, a very big deal, but beyond that one political position, it seems a party that prides itself on diversity, has failed to practice it.

Of the 55 Democrats currently serving in the U.S. Senate, exactly zero of them are black! Considering that blacks comprise 20 to 25 percent of the Democratic Party, that is a bit odd.

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