1 Stone Ridge Plaza, Stony Point/Tomkins Cove, Owner Vijay Wadhwa

As 2012 comes to a wrap it’s time to show appreciation to our sales vendors, and to also name this year’s Vendor of the Year.

It’s not an easy choice, with such all-American venues as B’s Nest Deli, Lane’s Deli, Sparky’s Diner and Canzona Market, being prime sales locations for the newspaper. But in the end Stony’s Food and News and owner Vijay Wadhwa in Stony Point wins the 2012 honor.

Early in 2012 Wadhwa made a wise decision, moving his store’s display of Rockland County Times newspaper to a prime location, instead of hiding it in an obscure corner near “The Chief.”

As a result sales went up about 800 percent, from five or six papers a week to 30 to 50 papers a week. Location, location, location.

Because the Rockland County Times offers more than double the reimbursement rate of other papers, Wadhwa is profiting nicely off the arrangement. Any store owner who puts the RC Times in a central location is sure to see sales skyrocket.

It’s not the first good move that Wadhwa has made. For 20 years he has been making customers happy at Stony’s Food and News located at 1 Stone Ridge Plaza on Rt 9W in Stony Point. In addition to selling snacks, groceries, booze and other essential items, Wadhwa’s store sells a full array of the area’s newspapers, including the Rockland County Times featured front and center near the cash register!


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