Recently the Journal News decided it was in the best interests of the public to publish not only the names but, the addresses, complete with a Google link, of the residence of each and every registered gun owner in Rockland and Westchester County. This was designed to serve what purpose? Inform the would be thieves and home invaders where they could get killed should they enter a home illegally or better yet, to advise them of where they will have no one confront them with a legally registered firearm?

I am sure their liberal agenda did not think that far ahead. I am positive that in the in the editorial room all were awash in indignant, liberal self-righteousness and damnation to anyone who dared bring common sense to the table. This was done to alarm the public as well as a failed attempt at shaming the legal gun owners of which I am one. Rockland County and Westchester County have thousands of retired and former police officers from many different jurisdictions. Was this done to afford easy, updated location information to criminals arrested by these law abiding citizens and former officers?

The liberal mindset never ceases to amaze me. If there is something a liberal is against, any means necessary are used regardless of ethics, morals, or just plain old common sense to foster or forward their agenda. Here you have law abiding citizens minding their own business and bothering no one, now labeled and outed in the newspaper as what? A potential time bomb, a home where your kids shouldn’t play, fringe lunatic, etc, etc. Freedom of information is merely the Journal News’ cover story. Baloney.

The Rockland County Times on Dec. 27, 2012 was good enough to publish some of the Journal News reporter’s home addresses complete with Phone numbers, email addresses and Photos. Let’s see how they like the shoe on the other foot? Not so much I would assume.

As a detective assigned to Harlem for several years I was assigned to and assisted with numerous shooting and homicide investigations. The NYPD Precinct where I worked averaged over 60 homicides per year alone in 1993 and 1994 and over 90 percent were committed with illegal firearms. The other few percent were by other means-strangulation, knife, etc. I can state, without a doubt, that not one of those shootings or murders was committed by a legally registered handgun owner. However, there were exceptions, there were police officers who shot suspects brandishing illegal weapons. I see that Rockland and Westchester, where there are many, many, legal firearm permit holders with legal weapons, have astonishingly low shooting and homicide rates as opposed to NYC where almost no one is granted a pistol permit? I wonder why?

Mysteriously, these statistics are surprisingly left out of the whole equation. How come those facts are not printed? I can tell you why. They are facts and cannot be altered or twisted and don’t serve the purpose of the Journal News. The deranged and possibly mentally ill people behind the recent shootings that have tragically killed numerous men, women, and children are horrific to say the least but, these killers would find a way to kill somehow even if it wasn’t with a firearm that they stole or acquired illegally.

The broad brush attack on every legal gun owner is over the top at best. In 1990 a madman bent on killing his girlfriend in the Bronx went to a local gas station and filled several containers of gasoline and spilled it into the illegal nightclub entrance, where she was the coat check woman, and lit a fire that killed 89 people. After that was everyone holding a gasoline credit card painted as a potential arsonist? Anyone who bought a 5 gallon gas container now listed in the newspaper and in a google search that ID’d them as a potential nut job capable of arson and to be avoided at all costs? I know, Google wasn’t around then but, my point is made.

The Journal News has done a disservice to not only the legal law abiding gun owners living in NY but, to themselves as a legitimate source of news and unbiased reporting. Their liberal, left wing agenda has been exposed and for that I would suggest every legal gun owner and their friends and families stop supporting a paper that would conduct itself in such a fashion and expose law abiding citizens and their neighbors to risk from the criminal element for the sake of alarmist, liberal journalism. Hopefully, this is the downfall of the Journal News, an over -priced rag in my opinion anyway.

Martin Davin


  1. Artie Marra   January 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    Quote Michael Savage: “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder”

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