Lawsuit Filed Against Journal News Has Been Dropped

A lawsuit filed against The Journal News by First Impression LLC, an interior design firm in Katonah, New York, has been dropped, management of the business informed the Rockland County Times. The owners did not feel they could afford a costly legal battle with the Gannett Corporation, parents of the Journal News.

First Impression LLC, initially sued the Journal News on the grounds that they had incorrectly placed their business on the infamous map and had thus caused damage to their reputation.

In other news, a Westchester County police association held a press conference on Tuesday promising to hold the Journal News liable for any criminal actions that might result from their interactive map.

Despite the lawsuits and threats, it is not clear if the Journal News would hold liability for any actions taken as a result of their gun-map, as first amendment precedent would appear to be on their side.

Note- a previous press release from a legal wire service referred to First Impression as a “gift shop and interior design firm.” First Impression said they are only an interior design firm.

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