“Other People’s Money” at Antrim, a Satire of Wall Street in the 1980s


James Lugo, who in the real world is an investment consultant with Morgan Stanley, and Mary Jane Bray, making her first appearance at Antrim Playhouse, star in this saga about a financial battle over a sagging company owned by Andrew “Jorgy” Johansen.

Johansen is played by Donal Lehane with Lugo as Lawrence Garfinkle, a.k.a. “Liquidating Larry” and Bray as Kate Sullivan, Jorgensen’s stepdaughter going all out against each othe. Lugo is in a company takeover mode and Kate is trying to help her stepfather. Doug Ward as William Coles, Jorgy’s advisor, tries to help with both he and Kate urging Jorgy to get out with what he can. Lugo finds himself trying to seduce Kate (with no success).

Mariann Felice, playing Jorgy’s wife, Bea Sullivan, tries to save the entire situation, using funds from a trust she has and all of this becomes an emotional battle on stage set up nicely with two sets: the 1988 offices of New England Wire and Cable and Garfinkle’s office in lower Manhattan.

Lugo is very effective as Liquidating Larry and Bray is astute as a lawyer trying to resurrect something out of the cable company’s dilemma for Jorgy, her stepdad. The financial dialogue depicts the characters in their roles as antagonists and Jorgy stands firm for as long as he can.

“Other People’s Money” is interesting and makes for a good venue of community theatre at Antrim and was well received on opening night last Friday. It was written by Jerry Sterner. Sandy Gordon, a veteran at Elmwood Theatre, Nyack came over to Antrim to co-produce with Vincent Cueva and the result is a play that I can recommend for its intensity.

I rate “Other Peoples Money” at Antrim Three out of Four Stars. It is Antrims 413th production in 76 seasons.

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