Dominican College is pleased and honored to announce that Eileen Andes, a resident of Blauvelt, has been employed by the college for 50 years. Mrs. Andes came to Dominican College in January 1963 and for the past 50 years has been the face and voice of the college’s library. Dominican College was founded in 1952 and Andes has been an integral part of it for most of its history. She worked with the founder of the library, Sr. Wilhelmina Houston, and has provided a smooth transition for the directors who would follow her – Sr. John Marie, Sr. Virginia Kissack, Sr. Barnabas Hall, and current director, John Barrie. She has been the constant in a sea of change.

Andes is noted for her knowledge of the library system, as well as for her eager assistance to students and community members. For 50 years she has gone far beyond showing library users where to find a book or how to use research materials. On campus, she is known as a problem solver, undaunted by changes to technology and the novel challenges and complexities that come with it. To honor her commitment and dedication, the award given to employees for 20 years of service is officially known as the Eileen Andes Service Award. In 2007, Mrs. Andes was further recognized during the opening of the Sullivan Library with a room named in her honor, and during the celebration of the college’s 50 year anniversary, she received a College Medal of Distinction.

In a time when the average person changes jobs between 10 and 15 times over the course of a career, an employee like Eileen Andes – loyal, trustworthy, rich in experience, creative in solving problems and anticipating needs – is a rare gem.

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