New Flower Shop Opens Just in Time for Valentine’s Day


Just in time for 2013’s Valentine’s Day, Lynch’s Flowers has opened at 64 Route 9W in Haverstraw on February 1, beginning business as a local establishment with deep roots in the community.

The shop is owned and operated by Jerry Lynch, a fourth generation North Rockland native from Haverstraw and one of many in a family line of florists. Lynch and his family have been involved with flower shops in Nyack and West Nyack.

Lynch expressed deep commitment in serving North Rockland residents, explaining that florists are often deeply involved with critical junctures in customer lives such as marriages and deaths, especially in a place as closely-knit as North Rockland. “I’m what is classified in the business as generational,” Lynch said. “It’s just something that’s been in the family bloodline.”

Lynch also explained his serious commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with a strong belief that the florist’s job is as much artistry as it is community involvement and retail.

“You gotta let creative people do creative things,” Lynch said.

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