Public Service Announcement from United Water

United Water is advising customers to be aware of phone scams from individuals pretending to be company employees.

“A few customers have advised us that they received questionable calls,” said Michael Pointing, general manager and vice president of the United Water New York Division.

In the first instance, an individual said he was requesting charitable contributions on behalf of United Water. “This is not true,” said Pointing. “If a customer receives a call of this nature, he should hang up and advise the local police department.”

In the second instance, a customer received a call requesting payment for an overdue bill. “Our representatives do not make personal phone calls to request payment,” said Pointing. “We do make automated reminder calls. However, if a customer receives a phone call from an individual requesting payment, he should hang up and advise both our customer service center at 845-623-1500 as well as the local police department.”

Pointing also said that customers should closely examine the identification of any person who comes to their home claiming to be from the water company. United Water employees wear uniforms and I.D. badges with the company name and logo. The badge also shows the employee’s color photograph, name, job title and date the badge was issued. Customers can also look for a white United Water vehicle which prominently features the logo.

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