Letter to the Editor: DEATH PANELS…IS IT TRUE?

Dear Editor,

It just might be. Under the new ObamaCare panels that will decide based on your age and condition whether to refuse medical tests and medications. This is the talk going around. Is it true? You decide. I have been a patient at the New City Veterans Clinic for the past 10 or 12 years. Great people…kind, compassionate and helpful. Certain conditions have required a complete blood test every six months—always done on time and very complete usually four pages of results including PSA, a test for cancer.

The last blood test almost 80 percent of the tests were missing (only one page with many tests including PSA…missing). I called the clinic and asked why the eliminations? I was told, “At your age we no longer do these tests, including PSA.” Now we know the local clinic does not set the policy, Washington does. But it seems like someone is deciding who gets proper testing and based on age who does not! Or who may live and who may die to save money.

With ObamaCare deeply involved in HMOs and, of course, in Medicare, you can be almost sure they will also decide who will live and who will die and not treat people of a certain age, unless you pay for it on top of what you pay into Medicare and your HMO. And yet we vote in the same self-serving weasels in Washington who have the best medical coverage in office and even when they leave for the rest of their life.

Wake up America, throw the bums out! You are every bit as important as they are!

Martin Bagrosky

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