Astorino blasts competitor’s father for calling Cuomo a Gay Slur and a Nazi

Incumbent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (R) has called out self-identified Tea Party challenger Kurt Colucci for his father’s provocative political postings on Facebook, which include calling Governor Andrew Cuomo “Governor Homo” and posting pictures of Nazi rallies meant to represent Cuomo’s political base.

Astorino said, “Serious candidates for public office must reject the politics of extremism, and for Mr. Colucci that includes the deplorable imagery and language being promulgated by his father online. Until that is done, we will not dignify Mr. Colucci’s candidacy with a comment. There is no room in Westchester County for this type of hatred.”

Colucci has decried Astorino’s comments as “mudslinging.”

Ironically, Governor Andrew Cuomo himself first earned a reputation for allegedly using the term “Homo” in a political context when provocative signs famously littered Queens reading “Vote Cuomo not the Homo” during the 1977 mayoral race  between his father Mario Cuomo and eventual winner Ed Koch.

Mayor Koch was reputed to be a homosexual, but never talked about his sexuality in a public forum. Governor Cuomo was long rumored to be instrumental in spreading the signage as a 19-year-old campaign assistant, however, he denies it was him.

Below see the photos and comments in question.

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