Bright Shining Stars


Ladies and Gentlemen, normally this isn’t my forte, but the road to stardom this year goes through our highway and lands in our backyard. March 5 the WWE wrestling superstars find themselves at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY before landing in our very own Izod Center on April 7 for WrestleMania. But that’s not what makes it so special; it’s the kids that will be front and center to see the event thanks to not only the WWE but the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I have recently gotten to speak with WWE superstar Damien Sandow who was kind enough to share some insight on not only the Make-A-Wish partnership but on the BA-Star Alliance (the WWE’s Anti-Bullying Campaign). Sandow said, “We always drop what we’ve been doing anytime a wish comes in to fill. To make a kids day, and see the look on their face, no amount of fame and fortune will ever be equal to that.” Some people feel that maybe the storylines the WWE shows are counterproductive to the BA Star Campaign message; however Sandow assures me “Much like Shakespeare, it has its bad guys, and good guys and always a moral to the story.”

Come see the show March 5 and don’t miss WrestleMania, and see for yourself how many “wishes” come true. Stay Tuned…

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