Anti-gun activist Sylvester Stallone will be allowed to bring "assault weapons" to New York if he chooses to make any shoot-em-up thrillers in the state

Governor Cuomo and other state officials told media on Wednesday that they want to pass an exemption on the NY SAFE Act for films and television. Many films and TV shows feature the dramatized use of military-style rifles and high capacity handguns.

State officials said they might also need to pass an exemption for police officers into the law. As it stands, it appears on-duty cops would be guilty of a felony if they carry standard-issue 15-round magazines. There is disagreement among lawyers  as to whether previous exemptions are grandfathered into the new bill or not, but it appears the voices that say police need a new exemption have won.

An exemption for gun collectors will not be part of the modifications to the law.

Critics of Cuomo were quick to pounce on the appearance of hypocrisy for allowing exemptions for his friends in Hollywood.

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