March Haiti Mission to be Organized by Rocklanders

A Rockland County effort to organize medicine and medicinal supplies for a mid-March medical mission to Haiti are underway. The mission will include a free medical clinic for children that will be staffed by local doctors joining the mission. The effort will be led by Konbit Neg Lakay, the Rockland County Haiti Relief Campaign, and Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman

After learning of this mission and its need for medicine, Friedman reached out to local medical groups for donations of medicine and medical supplies. The Community Medical and Dental Center Ben Gilman Spring Valley Family Medical Center responded by offering large quantities of children’s medicine that are greatly needed for the mission.

“This mission to Haiti is a critical effort to bring much needed medical assistance to the children of Haiti,” said Councilman Friedman. “Some people may think that Haiti is no longer in need of assistance three years after the earthquake, but that is very much not the case. I am proud to partner with leaders in the Ramapo Haitian community and the Ben Gilman Center to organize this important medical drive to bring medicine to children, many of whom have family members living in the Town of Ramapo.”

“It is always a pleasure to work with others, especially in the Jewish community,” said Renold Julian, Director of Konbit Neg Lakay and a leader of the Rockland County Haiti Relief Campaign. “This is a great opportunity to do great work for the children of Haiti, and I hope to create more partnerships with others who contribute so that we can be even more successful during our upcoming medical mission.”

“Konbit Neg Lakay and the Ben Gilman Spring Valley Medical Center have shared a mutual goal for many years. When this mission began, there was no question that we would be helping the people of Haiti as we have in the past,” said Mr. Mendel Hoffman, President and CEO of CMADC, the healthcare organization which runs both the Spring Valley and Monsey health centers. “When we send medications and other needed supplies to Haiti, we are helping doctors bring better health care to the people they serve, and that is our mission, because we are one unified worldwide community.”

A great need still exists for donations of medicine for children, including but not limited to: Amoxicillin, various antibiotics, Permetrin, Tylenol, Albendazole vitamins, medication for juvenile diabetics, medication for those with high blood pressure.

Anyone interested in contributing medication or supplies can reach Councilman Friedman at 845-357-5100, or Renold Julian at 845-425-4623.

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