CUOMO CLAIMS VICTORY—-Statement from Governor Cuomo on January Jobs Report

“January marked the 17th consecutive month that the state has added private sector jobs – the longest streak since the State Labor Department first started tracking this statistic. When compared to the 166,000 jobs added across the country during the same month, nearly one out of every five jobs added in the nation were created here in New York.

“This report shows that our work to rebuild New York’s economy and its government is paying off and New York’s economy is on the right track.

“Upon taking office, it was clear that the old Albany, top down approach to growing the economy would not work. With New York State reeling from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression we set out a new, comprehensive strategy to rebuild the economy – centered around regional councils that empowered local communities to build on their unique strengths and assets, getting our state’s fiscal house in order, and cutting taxes for middle class families and small businesses.”

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