Chairman Bob’s Corner March 14, 2013

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New York State Citizens Outraged Over New Guns Law


“We are law-abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong except to get vilified by the media,” said Stan Pascoo, a West Nyack resident and the president of the Sportsman’s Federation of Rockland County. Pascoo, an expert-level state-certified shooting instructor, asked for the New York State Gun Control law’s repeal.

Rockland County legislators voted 11 to 4 in February to request the repeal of New York’s new gun law (“SAFE”). The “memorializing” resolution, as expected, was supported by legislators Frank Sparaco, and Chris Carey, both Republicans (Ed Day, who also supported the resolution was out of the county). In addition to Rockland, over 40 other New York counties have now passed similar resolutions asking the state legislature to revise or repeal the new gun control law. All told over 2/3 and possibly 4/5 of counties will have voted for repeal or revision.

In response to the ill-conceived and hastily passed broad assault-weapons ban last month, some gun manufacturers say they will no longer sell their firearms to New York law enforcement agencies. Isn’t it ironic that the gun law that Governor Cuomo was so quick to enact, has caused a huge outcry from many New Yorkers, none of whom had any say in the creation of this over reaching law?

Steuben County Sheriff David Cole echoed the position of the NY Sheriffs Association and blasted the law. The police union there said it supported his position. “These laws will now make it so thousands and thousands of law-abiding citizens who go to work, pay their taxes, and (are) concerned about their children’s future will now be considered criminals if they choose to stand up for the Second Amendment rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution,” Cole said.

As Republicans, we support laws that help to protect our citizens, but we cannot condone a law which vilifies Rocklanders who choose to own guns, whether for their protection or for hunting or sporting use. The issue has become contentious because the governor has rammed through a law without consulting law enforcement officials or giving the public an opportunity to speak up on the matter.

Now, NYS Senate Republicans plan changes to the law, including clarifying provisions for the high-capacity magazines and exempting law enforcement agencies and personnel from the measure. “As I reflect back, perhaps we did act in haste and you’ll see at some point there will be amendments to fix some of the mistakes,” said Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos.

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