Abortion Czar Could Weaken Quinn’s Campaign for Mayor


Irish eyes are not smiling on Christine Quinn.

Last week, as we celebrated St. Patrick and Irish American Catholic culture, it is interesting to note how each of the candidates for public office often go to St. Patrick’s Day parties and march in St. Patrick’s Day parades, but one candidate stood out from the festive celebration and not in any honorable way. Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn strutted into the McManus Democratic Club pre-parade breakfast like she was the Belle of the Ball but her welcome was not exactly, well, welcomed – even the most Progressive of Irish American New Yorkers knew she did not belong there. A partygoer remarked, “I just threw up my Guiness.”

Whether you love or hate the Long Island native turned Manhattan-elite, Ms. Quinn, we don’t really know who she is, but if you want to know her, and understand her agenda, we must take a look at whom insiders in the pro-life movement claim Christine Quinn’s spiritual godmother is: none other than the notorious Merle Hoffman.

As a de facto abortion czar of NYC, Hoffman’s radical philosophy has moved Quinn in such a way that she has clearly influenced her public policies.

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