Kristen Stavisky loses her marbles defending Coe’s feelings; recruits Dem soldiers to sign hostile petition


Dear readers, apparently my editorial in the Rockland County Times portraying Rockland Democrats as being crazed for attending a fundraiser named after the notorious “Fifty Shades” erotica masterpiece didn’t go over too well…with some Democrats. This despite the fact heavy doses of satire and humor were built into the piece.

Young Democrats President Joseph Coe had an apparent meltdown upon reading the editorial commentary and then the chair of the Democratic Committee Kristen Stavisky jumped in to defend Coe. She apparently could not bear to see young Coe in pain. Leaders, after all, should never face criticism.

Stavisky and Coe promptly gathered a band of Demos to gallop to the tune of “stop homophobia,” even though the article’s criticism was clearly directed at the name of the fundraiser, “Fifty Shades of Blue,” and not at any gay causes Coe is known to champion. The apparently callow chairwoman thought it was immediately necessary to attack the newspaper’s advertisers. This outrageous strategy ought to prompt all Democrats to question her leadership of the party.

Such a reaction based off of one article that was found to be offensive? When they were the ones who named a fundraiser after a porno, and a rather unseemly one at that?

Or maybe there is more to the story. Maybe the real motivation is that her friend Paul Adler was attacked on the front page. Or is it because with Armand Miele (RIP) having passed away, the Machiavellian Stavisky sees an opportunity to attack a newspaper with a reputation for conservative editorial views.

Whatever the case may be, the sane majority within the Democratic Party, assuming it exists, ought to exert itself against such hysteria in the future.

Democrat, do not allow yourself to be bullied by extremists who clearly have lost touch with reality.


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