Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Actual photo of meteor over Nyack horizon BY LORRAINE MINOGUE

The weekend commenced with a celestial bang as witnesses from Virginia to Boston reported seeing a large meteor streak across the Friday evening sky around 7:55 p.m.

Witnesses describe seeing a white-green glow coming from the object, with most saying it was the largest, brightest and closest meteor seen in their lives.

The impressive sight follows an epic meteor collision in Russia last month, which injured hundreds, and another impressive sky-streak shortly thereafter in San Francisco.

The Camelopardalid and March Geminid meteor showers were scheduled on the 2013 meteor calendar for March 22.

Many Rocklanders reported seeing the event.

Patty Dooley Pogeweit of Pearl River said, “It was blue, orange and red! I was in the parking lot of Pearl River Dunkin’ Donuts. It was beautiful!”

Sharon Badstein of Stony Point said, “[It was] very close and bright, blue/green with an orange tail. Awesome!”

Kathleen Lo Presti Gelhaus said, “I saw it in Nanuet: bright blue/green with an orange tail!”

Andrew Perkins of Spring Valley said, “I was sitting in my friend’s car in West Nyack, when he told me do you see that? And I said what do you mean? He said look, a shooting star, and then I looked up and we both saw it moving slowly with a blueish, orange tail behind it. Then he said, I never saw a shooting star before and I told him I thought it was a meteor or a rocket. We were both amazed at how slowly it was moving. It looked so beautiful though.”

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