216638_10200961312938822_1314661840_nIt was a hot room last Tuesday night as president of the North Rockland Teachers’ Association Robin Brennan approached the microphone to address the NRCDS School Board.

Brennan came carrying the weight of a highly aggrieved teachers’ union, and this dispute was not about salaries. The union is currently in deep mediation with the school district over allegations of emotional abuse toward teachers and staff by administrators.

The teachers union president elevated her voice to challenge the board, only to be shouted down by Superintendent Ileana Eckhert, who told her several times that she could not address personnel matters publicly. Eckhert told Brennan she knew she was breaking protocol and to stop, but Brennan continued, until finally giving up.

As she walked off she huffed, “I can’t talk? What is this, a communist state?”

More on this stand-off between the teachers and district as it develops.

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