Stony Point Gasification Plant Plans Withdrawn

Plans to build a gasification plant off Holt Drive in Stony Point were pulled by developers last week without reason given, temporarily ending a debate between the towns of Stony Point and Haverstraw.
MBC Contractors Inc. proposed the project, which would convert up to 4,000 tons organic biomass into gas for fuel and electricity each day, providing a renewable energy source. Though Stony Point officials supported the project as a way to bring additional tax revenue to their town, Haverstraw officials expressed concern over its environmental and traffic impacts.
Though the plan has been pulled, it might not ultimately be cancelled. Stony Point Supervisor Geoffrey Finn referred to the withdrawal as a “minor setback,” while Stony Point Planning Board Chairman Thomas Gubitosa speculated it might be renewed after MBC has gathered additional information to address Haverstraw’s concerns.

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