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sln logoA couple months ago, I had the pleasure of going to Dallas for work and while we were on a store tour, a Christian Dior makeup artist grabbed me & sat me down in her chair. I was slightly hesitant since I was there with colleagues, and I don’t work for Dior. However, I am one happy & thankful little nugget that I’ve been introduced to this amazing product & didn’t resist too much. For the first time EVER, I’ve been stopped (more than a few times) to be told how my skin looks flawless & absolutely beautiful. I’ve already converted 5 friends into Christian Dior AirFlash Spray Foundation addicts ($62 USD at specialty department stores & Sephora). If you want porcelain skin, you NEED this. Now. 156021_502276719830579_547084322_n

You can choose from 7 different shades, and leaves you with an ultra-light airbrushed finish. Professional makeup artists use actual airbrushes to paint on a gorgeous look, but with a foundation like this available at your fingertips, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an airbrush device. BUT you will get the exact same magnificent, flawless face. Win, win!

Quick tips for the perfect application – shake thoroughly and spray onto a foundation brush first. Be sure to spray into your sink or over a towel, as the spray is colored and will show up on whatever the excess lands on. Apply brush to face, and do it quickly since the foundation dries almost immediately and you want to spread evenly before this happens. I usually spray three separate times – once for forehead, one for left side cheek/chin, one for right side cheek/chin. Finish off with another beloved product, Christian Dior DiorBlush ($42 USD & available in 6 colors). It’s as easy, simple and quick as that.

Happy shopping!’

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