Letter to the Editor: WAKE UP, STAND UP, SPEAK UP

To the Editor,

What construction corruption? A Rockland mayor steering $500,000 of transportation money to corrupt politicians in Rockland and New York City? To steal the people’s land, start phony companies, build/construct on that land and cash in/cash out?

A Rockland former builder turns rat to avoid the possible up to 45 years he rightly deserves? Now you have the U.S. Attorney Gen. Bharara seeking/asking/telling the people to help ferret out all of the corruption?

Bharara said, “The public corruption crisis in New York is more than a prosecutors problem. Putting dirty politicians in prison may be necessary but it is not sufficient. and the dream of honest government cannot come to pass unless there is real change in the culture. New Yorkers should demand more. Federal prosecutors and federal agents are doing everything we can to proactively attack the corruption problem, and it’s time for others to stand up also.”

Now there’s a real corruption buster after taxpayers’ hearts. I believe after buying the newspaper that statement was in, and having read it with sound mind and body, our honorable US attorney general has deputized us all as Corruption Busters….no?

1.Wake up
2.Stand up
3. Speak up

Ernest Autumn van den Heuvel
Stony Point

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