Three straight years on-time is reason to congratulate

PEARL RIVER, NY (MARCH 29, 2013) — The Rockland Business Association is pleased to acknowledge Albany’s momentous accomplishment in achieving a third consecutive on-time budget for the first time in 29 years. And, it’s the earliest budget since 1983.

“I think it is safe to say that New York has shown conclusively it has a functioning governmental process that reflects a willingness to embrace compromise by its Governor, State Senate and State Assembly,” noted Al Samuels, RBA President/CEO. “This is a far cry from the ‘dysfunctional’ label of the past

For the business community, there is progress in areas such as a new attention to tourism, continuation of the Regional Economic Development Councils and reforms in both the workers comp and unemployment insurance programs. However 18-A wasn’t allowed to sunset and there will be phased-in increases to the minimum wage.

“We were pleased to have a role in several areas of budget preparation,” Samuels said, “and are very grateful to Governor Cuomo for that involvement. We look forward to continuing our involvement as we enter the post-budget phase of Albany activity.”

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