Stern Also Linked to Eisenpress

The New York City-based web magazine has confirmed reports that link Monsey-based FBI informant and real estate developer Moses “Mark” Stern to Rockland County Family Court Justice Sherri Eisenpress.

Sherri Eisenpress
Sherri Eisenpress

The reports indicate that Stern helped bundle money to support Eisenpress’ campaign including $11,000 from the oft-active Joseph and Esther Markowitz of Monsey. The solid support the judge received from the religious community surprised many people due to her being gay and the religious community’s general opposition to “alternative lifestyles.”

Eisenpress also represented Stern in a 2011 civil case AMUSEMENT INDUSTRY v. MIDLAND AVENUE ASSOCIATES.

If it was not for Eisenpress’ connections with the dirty player Stern, she may not be Family Court justice today.

Update: Newsday now reports that Eisenpress is owed over $500,000 by Stern.



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