Statement by DA Thomas Zugibe, making clear Sen. Carlucci was not implicated in the case, in any way. A “Spring Valley senator” was mentioned in a scene in the 28-page complaint, however, this person was not portrayed as doing anything wrong. “As made eminently clear by United States Attorney Preet Bharara and confirmed by my office, Senator Carlucci was not involved in any wrongdoing whatsoever,” Zugibe said. “Unfortunately, as a result of a reference in the federal corruption indictment of six public officials and public figures, questions have been raised about the potential involvement of Senator Carlucci. When approached by the undercover FBI agent, Senator Carlucci acted appropriately, and in a manner one would expect from an elected official carrying out his or her sworn duties. During the course of this investigation, Senator Carlucci was clearly acting in the best interest of the public and the people he serves.”

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