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At least three dead and over 130 injuries are reported  in the aftermath of today’s terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon.

An earlier NY POST report that a dozen persons died in today’s explosion in Boston remains unconfirmed, although the Post continues to post this information on their site.

Another report that a Saudi national is being “guarded” by law enforcement at a local hospital as part of the investigation appears to be partially true, however the individual is said to deny involvement and is not in official custody according to the latest reports.

Police scanner chatter reported by CNN indicates law enforcement may be looking for a “black male with a foreign accent” in connection with the bombing.

However, much information on the potential identity of the attackers is speculative or unknown. Many potential suspects can be crossed off the list simply for the fact that they have not claimed credit.

Around 2:56 p.m. Monday, April 15, a holiday known as Patriot Day in New England, two explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon at 671 Boylston Street. Thousands of persons were in the area. Later, a third event occurred at the JFK Library in Boston.

The bombs killed three, severely injured dozens of people, and sent over 130 persons to the hospital. The incident was caught on tape which can now be easily viewed on the Internet. It is reported that ball bearings were released in the bomb blast.

More as this story develops.

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