Rockland Seniors Gears Up for Senior Citizen Theater


P1000333After months of preparation, Rockland’s annual senior citizen theater production is set to begin their run of an original musical with an all senior cast on Saturday, April 27. This year’s show, which was written by director John Maloney, is called “Spaced Out.”

It follows the story of three workers shooting off into space while attempting to dismantle a rocket. “There’s a lot of dedicated people, a lot of talent, and the people usually enjoy it,” Maloney said. “We have a lot of fun doing it, and that’s what’s important. It keeps us young.”

Maloney began to write in the summer, began casting in December and began rehearsals in January. Rehearsals and other work on the show occurred two and sometimes three nights a week. Though the work was tiring for people as old as the cast and crew, participants universally enjoyed the production.

“I always enjoy it when it’s over, but getting there is a tough apple,” Actor Bill Kinslow said.

The senior citizen shows have been put on for 39 years, with John Maloney directing for the past three years. Maloney began working in theater with the St. Anthony Parish Players in 1980 and has been working in theater ever since.

The dress rehearsal was held in memory of Frankie Maria, a man connected to the production whom recently died and was buried on Saturday.

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