Rockland County Board of Elections Announces Poll Site Changes to Strengthen School Security and Ensure ADA Compliance

New City, New York – Louis C. Babcock and Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky, commissioners of elections, announced numerous poll site changes and consolidation efforts aimed at strengthening school security and ensuring compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. The changes came after months of comprehensive poll site surveys and visits, a process the Board undertakes every two years. Over the past several months, Board employees have visited numerous poll sites to assess ADA compliance, accessibility, parking, and security issues and concerns.

Commissioner Babcock commented, “Each poll site must comply with the American with Disabilities Act. We also take great care to ensure rooms are large enough to accommodate privacy booths, there is ample parking so that voters are able to easily enter and exit the polling sites, and sites are convenient in terms of proximity to voters. Our assessment also includes the impact to the site itself, as we study the regularly scheduled activities and programs to minimize disruption.” “Since December and the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, school security issues have taken on more urgency. We are committed to ensuring our voters have unfettered access to the electoral process. We are equally dedicated to protecting the security of our schools and ensuring the safety of our children,” noted Commissioner Stavisky.

The commissioners spent considerable time consulting with staff, visiting poll sites, and speaking directly with school district clerks and administrators. After careful deliberation, they decided to close and consolidate numerous poll sites. Voters impacted by the changes will receive three separate notifications: a personalized letter outlining the reasons behind the shifts, a revised voter identification card, and a mail check card. The letters will include a note asking the voter to check the mail for his or her revised voter identification card. Mail checks will be sent out at the beginning of August.

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