Vlad Leon: “Why David Fried Should Abandon Campaign”


Vladimir Leon’s campaign reacts to Newsday’s reports of David Fried receipt of 2006 campaign donations from a total of three separate felons:

The campaign observes that the corridor of corruption has dominated the news for more than four weeks now. Days after, David Fried quickly distanced himself from the focal point of the corridor of corruption accusing both Americans of Haitian origin Noramie Jasmin and Joseph Desmaret of violating public trust.

According to Mr. Leon’s observation, “This is best of David Fried’s opportunistic behavior and hypocrisy.”

Mr. Leon proceeded to say,“He waited for an article uncovering his shady deals with Moses Stern and other violators of law where he first accepted $ 10,000 and another $8,800 separately totaling $18,800 campaign donation, which is totally illegal, to finally admit his ties with Moses Stern and lobbyist like Richard Lipsky.”

Mr. Leon says, “Now, it is an obligation for the public to find out what he had promised Moses Stern in return for this illegal donation.”

Mr. Leon points out that, “It is still in the air to also find out his participation directly or indirectly in this corridor of corruption. It is clearly the most flagrant double standard being applied in a similar case. “

Leon asked: “Why isn’t anything done with regards to the illegal donation David Fried received from Moses Stern and other violators of law?”

The real question, he asked, “Is it enough for him to say, ‘I am returning the $10,000 donation to charity?’”’

Mr. Leon concluded by proclaiming, “The era of the not-for-sale politician is upon us.”

He said, “It is bestowed on you to pick those politicians that you feel in your gut cannot be bought, not for money, not for a piece of the pie.

“In view of all that, David Fried would do the public an enormous service abandoning the race for county executive, and prevent any escalation of this corridor of corruption investigation to reach this important office.”

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