Lalor Proposes Real Reform

Assemblyman Lalor and Senator Gipson announce bipartisan term limits bill

In a bipartisan effort to end corruption in Albany, State Senator Terry Gipson (D-Rhinebeck) and Assemblyman Kieran Lalor (R,C,I-Fishkill) this week joined in front of the Wappinger Town Hall to introduce joint legislation that creates term limits in both the New York State Senate and Assembly.

“Term limits are a key step in cleaning up Albany,” said Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor. “That’s why I’m excited to join Senator Gipson today to fight for this reform. Term limits will bring fresh blood and new ideas into government. We’ll end the sense of entitlement and arrogance that has enabled corruption, fraud, and abuse. Lately, it seems like we’ve been relying on the FBI and the U.S. Attorney to term limit our politicians. Something is very wrong when you’re more likely to leave Albany in handcuffs than through the ballot box. Terms limits will go a long way to changing that.”

“Good government and earning the public trust is not a partisan issue, and I thank Assemblyman Lalor for working with me to reform the system in Albany to better serve our constituents in the Hudson Valley,” said Senator Terry Gipson. “Term limits will help take the self-interest out of holding office, encourage fresh ideas and improve the process in how and when things get done in Albany.”

The proposed legislation would extend a Senate term from two to four years, and set Senate term limits at no more than three four-year terms served for a total of twelve years. Assembly terms would remain at two years with no more than six two-year terms served, also at a total of 12 years. If a legislator serves in both houses, their service will be capped at 16 years. Senator Terry Gipson is the prime sponsor of the Senate bill while Assemblyman Kieran Lalor is the prime sponsor in the Assembly.

Added Senator Gipson: “I look forward to working with Assemblyman Lalor on this bill, and continuing to push for comprehensive campaign finance and ethics reform in New York. We might not agree on every issue, but when it comes to rooting out corruption and reforming Albany we stand side-by-side.”

Assemblyman Lalor added, “Albany’s career politicians have done nothing to stop New York’s decades-long decline. They block new ideas and meaningful reform. We need fresh leadership to move New York forward. Fifteen states already have term limits for their legislatures. It’s a diverse group of red and blue states from California to Louisiana and South Dakota to Michigan. It’s time for New York’s Republicans and Democrats to embrace term limits.”

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