On Sunday, June 9, HealthSav will offer seven free one hour Hands-Only CPR Classes at their facility at 7 Elmwood Drive in New City, NY. This will introduce people to how to correctly help an adult who is unconscious and not breathing. How to identify this condition and how to immediately get help on its way and begin CPR before help arrives. In the United States over 1,000 people a day suffer out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest. The national survival rate in the US is below 11 percent.

HealthSav director Lenny Nathan says CPR is often misunderstood by the public for its purpose and when you realize that the word resuscitation (the R in CPR) means to bring back then you will begin to realize that the person who requires CPR is clinically dead. You cannot hurt this person, you can only help. Without public intervention before emergency personnel arrive the death rate out of hospital is near 90 percent. This is all too often because no one is performing CPR before emergency personnel arrive. With early intervention that rate can be reduced from 90 percent to 50 percent as is the case in Seattle Washington where CPR training has been mandatory in schools for 31 years.

HealthSav traditionally offers these free classes on a Sunday at the conclusion of National CPR and AED Awareness Week. Registration is required as space for each class is limited. Registration can be done at www.healthsav.com. Each individual wishing to attend must register separately.

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