National Boxing Chain Chooses Nanuet for First NY Location


IMG_1358Nanuet – Title Boxing, a national chain of boxing and kickboxing clubs, recently opened its first New York location on Route 59 in Nanuet and has already gathered some significant attention from locals and professionals.

Since Title Nanuet’s official opening in late April and the ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 9, owner and general manager Vitaly Sapiro reported “amazing” feedback from new members, attributing the success to a training style focused on balancing large group workouts with individual attention and challenges.

“I wanted to do something that would basically mean you would never have to reserve or share a bag,” Sapiro explained. “We want to keep enough members to maintain both a very good vibe in the class and at the same time an ability for us to deliver what we set out to deliver.”

Workouts at the club commonly consist of group warm-ups, cool-downs, core exercises and training in footwork, striking technique, evasion and other boxing fundamentals, the standard for such fitness outlets.

The new boxing club, which functions as one of over a hundred franchises spread across the country, is Title’s first location in not only Rockland County, but all of New York State. According to Sapiro, Nanuet was chosen for its convenience and accessibility, which make it a prime place for business.image-11

“Given the geography of Rockland County, Nanuet is very central,” Sapiro explained.

The franchise began in Kansas City in 2008 with a partnership of local equipment distributors and boxing personalities, including retired boxer and promoter Danny Campbell. The goal was a desire to bring traditional urban boxing clubs to suburban markets and within a few years, Title had over a hundred franchises.

The club has also managed to attract attention from local boxing personalities as well. Title has already booked a May 26 fundamentals class with former professional heavyweight and Spring valley native Al “Ice” Cole, which will emphasize footwork, a major concern for professionals.

Boxing workouts, which are often heavy on conditioning all areas of the body and enhancing functional strength and speed, is typically characterized as a male sport. However, Sapiro reported the classes are even more popular with women, whom Title hopes to draw with a non-threatening but challenging atmosphere.

Sapiro explained, however, that the workout was designed to be a full investment of body and mind and was often the most successful when it is a full effort between skilled trainers and dedicated members.

“On so many levels, it really engages members, and that’s what keeps them coming back,” Sapiro said.

Full Disclosure: The author of this article joined Title Boxing shortly after its ribbon-cutting ceremony and has been attending regular boxing classes since mid-May

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