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You can trust Jennifer with your beauty
You can trust Jennifer with your beauty

If you’re someone who wears little to no makeup or owns little to no makeup products, that’s totally fine! I do, however, feel compelled to suggest the one product that positively, absolutely, NEEDS to be in your home – Laura Geller Caulk Concealer Pencil ($25 USD and available on in 3 different colors – Light / Medium / Dark). Best of all, the pencil comes with a brand new sharpener, which makes it especially easy when the pencil tip needs a re-fresh! There’s also a snazzy over-sized makeup applicator sponge attached to the other end of the pencil, which I personally love I stock up regularly and basically buy in bulk when ordering this product on (free shipping, my little nuggets!).

caulk (2)I have been a loyal fan and user of Laura Geller Caulk Concealer for 6 years now. I’m obsessed with it for two reasons: full coverage and perfect color match. Prior to discovering it, I went through handfuls of concealers from various companies. I was in search of a product that lasted all day, fully covered up a blemish / dark spot, and wouldn’t cause breakouts (most of you are already aware of how super sensitive my skin is!). This concealer glides on smoothly, and is truly pencil-like. It has a similar consistency to colored pencils you use in arts & crafts! The concealer is not liquid-y or creamy, which are two consistencies that I personally believe do not work well when you’re trying to achieve all-day coverage. Just a dab of product to the spot you want to conceal is all you need. Follow it with a couple jabs of the sponge applicator and your face looks flawless! Any spots, dots, uneven skin tone, etc is erased – literally in seconds! I swear by this concealer and I use it every single day (sometimes twice) underneath my foundation & powder OR I wear it solo. The Caulk Concealer in ‘Light’ is the best color match for my skin, however, it comes in both Medium & Dark, as well. Trial and error would be the only way to really see which concealer works best for you, but I HIGHLY recommend this product if you’re someone who wants a flawless face (which I’m guessing is all of my sweet little nuggety readers).

Important to note – I use Caulk Concealer all over the face, with the exception of underneath my eyes. For this, I use Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer in ‘Beige’ which you can find my full review here.

Happy concealer shopping!

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