Nanuet man likely to face a year or so in prison

2fba1fe9654f00c7fb06240e552c1b29 (1)Lawrence Mulqueen, of Nanuet, has already pleaded guilty to federal charges of making death threats to public officials via his Facebook page and was scheduled to appear in Rockland criminal court Wednesday to answer separate state charges against him. Instead, however, he is now set to appear in state Supreme Court on June 19 to answer the third-degree charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

Mulqueen reportedly had a metal knuckle knife in his possession when police officers arrived at his home on February 20. The Clarkstown police were called to his home by his landlord, who was attempting to evict him. Officers also recovered two rifles, two rifle bayonets, a rifle scope, bullet-proof body armor, and 100 rounds of ammunition.

The Nanuet man’s Facebook page was filled with threats against various officials, including Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, the Congressional Black Caucus, and supporters of President Obama. Mulqueen plead guilty in District Court on Tuesday to charges of threatening to kill public officials and transmitting threats in interstate commerce.

He faces up to 15 years in prison for the federal, though is expected to only receive two. Maximum punishment for the state charges against him is four years in state prison, a sentence that would run concurrent to his federal sentence. Mulqueen also faces fraud charges for attempting to use food stamps to purchase alcohol and cigarettes.

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