“Squabbles” A Lot Of Fun At Elmwood Playhouse, Nyack


This is a play about a family that gets through happenstances. They find themselves–a young couple expecting a baby and the mother’s father–squeezed in to live together in a small apartment in Stamford, Connecticut when the mother-in-law becomes an unexpected guest after home burns down.

Abe Dreyfus, the father (played wonderfully by Roy Harry) is cantankerous as can be and when the mother-in-law moves in, becomes even more so, as they just do not like each other. Debbie Buchsbaum plays the mother-in-law Mildred Sloan, and she and Harry have several memorable moments in this comedy written by Marshall Karp and directed by Peter Garruba.

Mildred is quite a match for Abe and their dialogue is precious and developes into a very surprising turn of events. Mary Jane Bray as the daughter, very pregnant and played by Mary Jane Bray and Ed Bond as Jerry Sloan, her husband, contribute to the squabbles that occur. They try to settle them by renting a one-room apartment that Abe or Mildred could move to.

Wait till you see this production and how it all turns out and you will be surprised and very well entertained along the way. Hector Lopez (Wilton Guzman) contributes to the very funny scenes as a helper who spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Abe wants to deduct hours from Hectors pay for those hours.

Toni Difuria plays Mrs. Fisher matron to the newborn babe, and is kind of stuffy and also funny. Lou Morris plays Sol Wasserman, friend of the family and contributes to the production. Squabbles moves smoothly along and Roy Harry delivers a memorable performance. Catch it at Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack and enjoy. I rate “Squabbles” Three Stars Out Of Four!!!

Tickets at elmwoodplayhouse.com or 845-353-1313.

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