County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef announced last week that he has appointed Chief of Staff  Sean R. Mathews to take on additional responsibilities as director of the county’s Office of Real Property Tax Services, replacing John Noto who left the post five months ago. Mathews has served as chief of staff for the county executive for the past six years.

The Rockland County Real Property Tax Service Agency is a statutory agency that assists local government officials in achieving and maintaining equitable assessment administration. It provides both resources and expertise to help localities provide services.

Said Vanderhoef,  “Rockland’s Commissioner of Finance has indicated the necessity and timeliness of filling this post, and that a qualified director is essential for continuing the goal of equitable assessment administration, which simply put, involves providing a sound, reliable, fair and easily understood foundation for the determination of the real property tax. The State’s Office of Real Property Services has certified Sean Mathews’ qualifications, and I have the utmost confidence in his ability to efficiently and effectively standardize assessing practices in this county.”

The state’s recent certification of Mathews’ qualifications will allow him to fulfill needed assessment duties while maintaining his current title as Chief-of-Staff. The move avoids the necessity of filling the state-mandated position, resulting in a savings of over $82,000 to the county.

Vanderhoef  further noted that he has asked the director of the County’s Office of Consumer Protection, Terry Grosselfinger to also take on an additional role on behalf of the administration.


“Having served in the highest levels of county government, Terry Grosselfinger’s leadership skills are needed at this time, and I have appointed him Deputy County Executive,” said Vanderhoef.  “Terry is a seasoned administrator and his input will be greatly appreciated.”


Grosselfinger and Mathews, in addition to their primary assignments, and at no additional cost to the County, will each be taking on key assignments that were exclusively handled by the Chief-of-Staff.


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