O&R Investigating Disaster at Nyack College

Press Release from O&R

Damage to a gas service line that feeds a Nyack College gym from a gas main on South Highland Drive is the primary focus of O&R’s investigation in the wake of a blast yesterday that injured eight and heavily damaged a Nyack College building.

How that damage occurred remains an open question. Last night, O&R found evidence of recent excavation and heavy equipment work on the ground over the top of the service pipe’s location and is actively pursuing that line of inquiry with local authorities.

O&R performed a number of tests, including pressure tests and visual examinations, on the gas mains and services on South Highland last night. The pressure tests led O&R crews to concentrate on the service connection at this location. Further, investigation revealed that the steel service pipe had pulled free of its connection to the gas main.

Of the 30 gas customers who were taken out of service yesterday as a result of the blast, 16 have been restored to service, and more will be restored today.


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