The annual meeting and Board of Directors’ election for the Stony Point Ambulance Corps will be held on the fourth Monday in June, June 24, 2013, for the purpose of filling two vacancies on the Board of Directors; and voting to accept new life members and new honorary members. Embattled president and vice president, Marc and Chelle Engelman, are still under suspension and are not expected to be reelected.

No nominations will be received from the floor. The annual meeting and election will be held at the building of the Stony Point Ambulance Corps, Inc., 47 South Liberty Drive, Stony Point, New York. The polls shall open from 7:45 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.

Voter eligibility is subject to qualification, the terms of which shall be available for inspection at the building of the Stony Point Ambulance Corps, Inc. There are eight candidates for the two board vacancies. Any tie shall be resolved by random selection. No write-in votes will be accepted.

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